Frequently asked questions:

Q. I saw you are going to have a new series. Any hints on what it is going to be about?
A: I am pretty sure it will be a time travel and will also have an ensemble cast of characters, a brooding wealthy hero and a whole lot of unexpected surprises and of course, quite a bit of heat. As for the story line, I'm keeping that under wraps for a while.

Q: I read your Scottish Time Travel book and loved it. When are you writing the next book? And can you give me any hints?
A: Thank you! I am hoping to have the next book finished by the end of the summer. Just like the first book it includes a spunky heroine, humor, steamy scenes, a mystery, and of course,  a few #HunkyHighlanders. 

Q: Why do you have so many contests in your books?
A: Because it's my way of giving back to my readers. And I think it's fun and hopefully my readers will not only get a fun escapism from life for a while but also a chance to win prizes while doing so. A #winningcombination if you ask me.

Q: What is the order of your Ravenhurst Series?
A: Forgotten Time, Shadows of Yesterday, Time to Remember and Dreams of Tomorrow, Now and Forever , Ravenhurst A Victorian Christmas 6 (Now Available) His Wicked Ways: Lucian Book 7 Ravenhurst: A Modern Day Christmas Book 8 Coming Winter 2016

Q. Why do your Briarcliff Series books have new covers?
A: They are for my special edition print books and also Evie, the main character is written in first person and the rest of the characters are in third person. If you prefer reading only third person you can still get the books that way in the box set or the combo edition. 

Q: When is Blood & Moon, book four in your Briarcliff Series coming out?"
A: Sorry. Still not sure of the exact date yet but am hoping for mid-summer.

Q: Is there going to more than one book in your Scottish Time Travel Series and will they be standalone? " Yes and yes. That series should have 13 books in total when it is finished being written and although some of the characters will remain, each book should be able to stand on its own. 

Q: What is  iVEC?
A: (*Interactive viewer enhanced content) I added this to my books for my readers, because I thought it would be a fun way to immerse my readers further into the culture of my books should they chose to use the links. 

Q: Why is the original version of Elyograg, the prequel to Gargoyle, written backwards?
A: Because that is how I wrote it. The scene with Evie and the monster was the very first chapter I wrote and I thought (wow this would be a wicked final chapter) but I didn’t have the story yet. So from that point on I made the story up going backwards-chapter by chapter—even the concept of Gargoyles coming to life, although I guess the original thought formed in my mind from writing Ravenhurst. I’ve always been partial to Gargoyles. =_=

Q; Why did you keep it backwards?
A: I thought it was/is a unique concept and I liked it because no one else had done it. I've been told someone else recently wrote a book that way as well but it has nothing to do with Gargoyles. I guess my concept is catching on with other authors. Time will tell what my readers will think 0_=

Q: When is Dreams of Tomorrow coming out?
A: It is out now and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo and All Romance.

Q: Can you sign my book?
A: Absolutely! Just email me at and will arrange that for you. In the meantime if you have an ebook that you may also want autographed simply go here and I can do that for you as well.

Q: When is Now & Forever going to be out?
A:  It is now available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc. 

Q: When is Degare' going to be available?
A: It is available now on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble

Q: Do you have a Christmas book?
A: Yes, it will be available December 2014, Ravenhurst : A Victorian Christmas (It is now Available everywhere books are sold.)

Q: Are you continuing your Briarcliff Series?
A: Yes, Blood and Fire: A New Moon will be out in 2016, not sure of the release day yet.

Q: Will I see more of the Gargoyles in that book?
A: Absolutely. You will find out more about them as well as the Degare'.

Q. Who made your book Covers?
A. The box set cover for Ravenhurst and also my box set of Briarcliff was made by the incredibly talented Claudia Lucia McKinney of PHATPUPPY ART and the typography was done by Ashley Dungan of BB Designs, also incredibly talented. The other covers were created by me.

Q: Are you continuing your Ravenhurst Series?
A: Yes. The original story arc is complete for the most part. I still have about three more books that will tie up the original story arc. I am also working on one offs which will be standalone's and will continue the story of some the other prominent characters in the books. 

Q; When is the first book in your Edenbrooke Hollow series, We three Witches: A Good Spell Gone Wrong coming out? And is it a time travel?
A. It is now available everywhere books are sold. And yes, although the first book is a contemporary romance the second book will travel back in the past. 

Q: Are you going to write any other time travel series books?
A: Yes. Actually, Lost in the Highlands, The Thirteen Scotsman is a Scottish Time Travel Romance and is available now. 

Q: Is your Scottish Time Travel like Outlander?
A: No.  Other than it being a time travel romance with hunky highlanders, it is nothing like Outlander. What you will find is plenty of Hunky Highlanders, A Spunky Heroine from the future, steamy scenes, a lost treasure, a disgruntled Gypsy, and to make things interesting even a Loch Monster .

More questions to come, ask me one if you want =_=