Frequently asked questions:

Q. I saw you are going to have a new series. Any hints on what it is going to be about?
A: Sorry. I'm keeping it under wraps for a while.

Q: I read your Scottish Time Travel book and loved it. When are you writing the next book? 
A: Thank you! The second book is available for pre-order now. #HunkyHighlanders. 

Q: Why do you have so many contests in your books?
A: I love games and thought it would be a fun way to give back to my readers. 

Q: What is the order of your Ravenhurst Series?
A: Forgotten Time, Shadows of Yesterday, Time to Remember and Dreams of Tomorrow, Now and Forever , Ravenhurst A Victorian Christmas 6 (Now Available) His Wicked Ways: Lucian Book 7, Now Available,  Ravenhurst: A Modern Day Christmas Book 8 Coming Winter 

Q: When is Blood & Moon, book four in your Briarcliff Series coming out?"
A: Sorry. Still not sure of the exact date yet but am hoping for mid-summer.

Q: Is there going to more than one book in your Scottish Time Travel Ser…