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I'm Lorraine Beaumont - #1 Bestselling, #1 International Bestselling author-Award winning poet, Gargoyle enthusiast, Time Traveler, Red Shoes that Glitter Collector, and Creature of the Loch Aficionado.  

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More about me -

When I am not busy writing one of my four series, (soon to be five) I read, watch movies, D.I.Y by working on my renovated 100 year old farm house or better yet, look for treasures to fill it with, (for a bargain) at auctions and tag sales. (you can see some of my FINDS on Instagram)  I also LOVE watching cooking shows, and trying out new things. My  latest - I want to learn how to make a unicorn cake. 

doesn't it look AMAZING!

I've always been a big fan of Time Travel, Gargoyles, Witches, Hunky Highlanders, Vampires, etc and tend to bend towards the supernatural, paranormal, fantasy, type books when writing. They just seem more interesting to me. I also tend to write with an ensemble cast of characters. Most are flawed, but that's how I like them. 

If you are new to reading my books you will find out very quickly I enjoy games and will almost always try to include one in my books.

I live in what I call "Farm Country" Maryland, with my hunky husband, my son (best kid ever),  Kevin Danger, (a ferocious Yorkshire terrier) and a disgruntled black cat named Barnabas Collins.

 Fun Fact: I write outside everyday, even when it snows and if you read about a thunderstorm in my books that is usually because I am sitting outside in my writing space during one. 

I am currently working on the seventh book in my Ravenhurst Series and also another series that sort of took hold of me. I can't get the characters out of my head, so now I am writing their story as well.
If you made it this far - Thanks for stopping by!
Big Hugs! 
Lorraine Beaumont

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